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Cat Requirements

The CAT Program is designed to give swimmers personal goals to achieve through out the swim season. The levels are based on the NOAH Hurricane Rating System. The swimmer can progress through Tropical Wave to Tropical Storm and through the Hurricane Categories – CAT 1 through CAT 5. As the swimmers achieve goals they receive recognition and awards.


The swimmer can collect points by achieving times in their swimming events. The times are based on All-Star Times set by North Georgia Swim League. The document CAT Qualifying Times list the time to achieve. The times are sorted by age, gender and event. As the swimmer’s times improve, they move through the color levels - yellow, blue, green and red – and acquire more points. The points required to advance through the levels and amount of points awarded for each color achieved are in the CAT Requirements document. A record of the swimmers times and progress can be found in the Hurricane CAT Times and Hurricane Times documents.


Just click on the titles to link to the most current documents.

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